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March 15, 2019

Cheers® (formerly Thrive+®) Raises a $2.1m Seed Round to Build Brand and Upgrade Products

A few days ago, we published a post about how Thrive+® was officially becoming Cheers®. In that post’s introduction we also explained that some other major announcements were on the way, including: “the announcement of our first institutional round of funding, new advisory board members, and even new patents and technologies.” So, as promised, here’re the rest of those updates!

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January 14, 2019

Our Big 2019 Announcement: Thrive+® is officially becoming Cheers®! (Plus, some other big updates.)

After months of having to keep secrets 🤫 (due to some important patents we wanted to file first while no one had us on their radar), our startup is excited to announce to the world some major updates as we head into the new year. 🎉🍾

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