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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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Need something for the alcohol-enjoyer in your life? Our products are designed to support your liver and help you feel better after drinking – whether you drink a little or a lot.


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Cheers in the PressCheers in the Press
Cheers in the PressCheers in the Press

The best thing to happen to alcohol, since alcohol.

Cheers® Hydrate


Powder designed for rapid, effective, and safe rehydration to support overall health & immunity.

Take hydrate after your last drink or before bed. Mix with a scoop of water
Serving: 1 scoop mixed with water
When to take: After your last drink/before bed, or daily for general health.

Cheers® Protect

daily liver supplement

Daily supplement designed to increase glutathione levels & support overall liver health.

Daily liver supplement
Take 2 Protect capsules daily
Serving: 2 capsules
When to take: Daily. An additional dose may be taken before drinking.

It's as simple as:
drink, take, sleep.

Wake up feeling at least 50% better the next day after taking Cheers Restore or your money back. 1 2

I want to feel 50% better! 🍻
Transparency = respect

The safest, most effective, and most affordable products on the market.

No Proprietary Blends

giving you full transparency into our products.

Third-Party Tested

to ensure the highest quality Chroma Reference No. THP=011519-2.

FDA Registered Facility

ensuring good manufacturing practices.

1,200 mg of DHM

in Cheers Restore – the highest amount of DHM per dose on the market.

$2.92 per dose

of Cheers Restore – less than a drink at the bar!

Granted Patent

on our Cheers Restore formula US 10,736,870 B2.

14 million +

number of doses of Cheers sold to date.

Made in the USA

Manufactured, designed, packaged, and officed in the USA.

Toxicology Reports

to prove Cheers’ safety.

Skeptic tested, skeptic approved.

See this 5-star review
Not a gimmick, it honestly works

Guys I am here to tell you that this stuff really works. My brother initially introduced me to this stuff on the holidays. One night we drank entirely too much. He gave me the bottle and said here man take these you’re gonna need them. Sure enough, I woke up the next day feeling so much better than if I hadn’t taken them. I’ve used a few other products before but this one by far is the most effective. I’m a happy customer.

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
Works Great!

This product actually does what it says and works wonders. I took 2 or 3 pills after a few different nights out drinking with friends and felt fine the next day - like I had nothing to drink at all! I continue to be amazed by how well this product works - my roommates love it too! Also worth noting, I have not found any negative effects so far. The ingredients seem safe, natural, and healthy. Again, I cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who likes to drink.

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
Literally Life Changing

I never write reviews but this stuff is seriously magical. I purchased this for a week long vacation in Mexico and woke up feeling great after drinking entirely too much tequila every day. I’ve tried all the tricks- pedialyte, taking aspirin before bed with a large glass of water, drinking water between each drink, taking b12 supplements, etc. and nothing compares to this stuff. I’ll be a lifelong customer!

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
Hard to believe

After a super intense day, I drank 2 glasses of wine during the evening. I was tipsy and I expected to feel pretty bad that night and the next day, however, I took 3 tabs at bedtime and then drank a big glass of water with hydration salts, and, after actually sleeping through the night. The next morning I felt physically clear, not inflamed, able to teach 2 yoga classes first thing that morning. Yay Cheers!

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
Works Wonders

Since the first time I tried this product and was blown away the results, I always ensure to stock up and bring some Cheers when I travel! A MUST RECOMMEND TO FRIENDS. I love sharing some with friends so they can also experience the magical results. Cheers is a no brainer for any night out and guarantees I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
This actually works...

I don't drink anymore without taking Cheers before going to bed. The rare times I forget I immediately notice a difference in the way I feel the next morning. You still don't feel 100%, still definitely can be tired, but I rarely feel nauseous, headache, etc. It makes the effects much shorter as well. I recommend to all my friends.

Amazon verified purchase
See this 5-star review
Not just hype. This works!

First off, the packaging is clean, crisp and classy. We all know it's what in the package that counts though and this product delivers. After taking my first dose after a "festive" night I awoke the next morning feeling alert and refreshed as though I'd already had my first glass of coffee. I was fully expecting to be running in slo-mo with a bit of a headache. Since I've had 2 more nights with the same results. I'll definitely be ordering more of this product and telling friends about it.

Amazon verified purchase
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