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The best thing to happen to alcohol, since alcohol.

Let's face it–now that we're adults, we can't drink like we could when we were in college. Even enjoying a few happy hour drinks results in feeling less than 100% the next day. We get it. We've been there. And we're here to help.

Let's get started! What do you like to drink?

Beer 🍺Wine 🍷Liquor 🥃All the Above! 🎉

Backed by science, works like magic.

We created our third-party tested formulas to help you enjoy alcohol on your own terms. Whether you want to optimize overall liver health, get the best in hydration, recover faster after drinking, or all three--we’ve got you covered. Whether you drink a little or a lot, our products are designed to work together for maximum efficacy.

Cheers Restore


Capsules taken after consuming alcohol to neutralize alcohol's negative effects (Granted Patent US 9,962,365 B2)


Cheers Hydrate

oral rehydration solution

Rapid and effective rehydration designed specifically for alcohol-induced dehydration


Cheers Protect

daily liver supplement

Daily supplement designed to significantly increase glutathione levels and support overall liver health

feel better, guaranteed
In a human study conducted for our granted patent, users of Cheers® felt an average of 50%+ better the next day across 8 typical symptoms.1
(Granted Patent US 9,962,365 B2: Compositions and methods for preventing and recovery from detrimental effects of alcohol consumption)
here's how it works

Put our products to action in your life

step 01


Drink a little (or a lot) and enjoy yourself!

step 02


Take 3 Restore capsules right before bed & drink a glass of water mixed with one scoop of our Hydrate.

step 03


Sleep tight, and wake up feeling 50% better, ready to take on the day or your money back.2

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This is the most amazing hangover cure I have ever tried.

"This is the most amazing hangover cure I have ever tried. And believe me.. I have tried it all... it doesn't make me crave more drinking when I wake up.. it doesn't make my stomach hurt.. it doesn't make me feel dehydrated... literally has been the answers to my prayers. I'm not a huge drinker but I just always get hangovers and thought I would never ever find a cure until now... I took it on vacation with me and seriously haven't been down a single day due to a hangover. I am amazed. Thank you so much for inventing this product. I even just bought 3 more bottles."

Would definitely recommend – have even mentioned it to a few of my patients and colleagues who have tried it and felt the same way.

"My husband and I enjoy drinking wine and after just 2 glasses, I am finding that I don't feel well the next day. I am a physician and understand the value of adequate hydration and replacement of electrolytes so I decided to try Cheers. After the first dose, I woke the next morning feeling great. I was even able to work out at the gym! I really didn't want to have to give up wine altogether, so glad I found this product!"

“I don't plan to ever be without this again if I can help it.”

"I've had it for close to a week, I drank 2 nights out of that week and both nights I took Cheers before bed and the results are truly undeniable. I didn't feel slightly nauseous, i didn't feel kind of headachy, I felt great. I have already recommended this to a few friends and am DEFINITELY going to order again when I am down to a few doses. This is a great product."

No hangover after the worst night of drinking.

"I took Cheers after a heavy day of Mardi Gras day-drinking and I felt perfectly fine the next morning. I haven't drunk like that, EVER, and I should have been suffering from the worst hangover of my life, but instead, I felt good enough to go to brunch and drink some more! Great product and definitely worth the money!"

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Enjoy alcohol on your own terms.


Cheers Restore

Capsules taken after consuming alcohol to neutralize alcohol's negative effects


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Wake up feeling at least 50% better or your money back.1 2

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