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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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The FDA and the Supplement Industry

How FDA approval works.

Brooks Powell


FDA approval is related to drugs only, and therefore, does not "approve" any supplements. The separation of drugs vs dietary supplements is based on claims by the manufacturer related to efficacy, but not actual efficacy. I.e., a dietary supplement can be just as effective as a drug, but hasn't gone through FDA trials necessary to make drug-type claims.

Cheers is in the category of dietary supplements, just like Emergen-C, Airborne, Dramamine® Non-Drowsy, and other products. In this category, the FDA will make sure the product is safe and manufactured in a safe way, but will not comment on efficacy, that's up for the consumer to decide. So technically, "no", but it's not really a black-and-white issue like most people think.

All of our products are manufactured in an FDA regulated facility and made in the USA. We vet dozens of manufacturers, run QC checks at third party labs, etc to ensure our product is the best quality. As due diligence requested by a major institutional investor we had in our last fundraising round, we even spent a ton of money in getting expert research of Cheers' safety. We take great pride in making the most safe and effective products possible.


About Cheers

Cheers is the leading alcohol-related health brand focused on developing products that support your liver and help you feel great the next day. As a student at Princeton, Cheers’ founder Brooks Powell discovered the potential advantage of incorporating the natural plant extract Dihydromyricetin (DHM) into an after-alcohol consumption regimen and began working with his professors to make products that addressed the unique challenges of alcohol-related health. . Since its official launch in 2017, Cheers has sold more than 13 million doses  to over 300 thousand customers. The research-backed line of products includes three versions of supplemental pills and powders – Restore, Hydrate and Protect. Cheers is now releasing read-to-drink versions of their products—starting with Cheers Restore. Each product is equipped to meet different health needs such as rehydration, liver support, and acetaldehyde exposure. Cheers places an equal emphasis on the responsibility and health aspects of its mission and vision. The brand’s mission is bringing people together by promoting fun, responsible, and health-conscious alcohol consumption. The vision is a world where everyone can enjoy alcohol throughout a long, healthy, and happy lifetime. For more information, visit or join the social conversation at @cheershealth.

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