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If you don’t love our products, we offer every customer a full refund on their first order up to 1 unit of Restore, Hydrate, Protect, Relief, and Multi. Just let us know within 30 days of ordering at hello@cheershealth.com and you’ll get your money back.*

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Cheers products are for responsible drinking, not alcohol intoxication.

Cheers’ mission is supporting fun, responsible, and health-conscious alcohol consumption. Our products are intended to support liver health and morning well-being. They can be used after responsible drinking or not drinking at all.

Our products do not claim to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent hangovers caused by alcohol intoxication. Our products are not to be used for mitigating health problems caused by excessive drinking or as a substitute for responsibly limiting one’s alcohol consumption.

If you believe that you have a liver or alcohol-related disease, please seek the care of a medical professional immediately.

Sounds good to me 👍
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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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Rehydration designed specifically for alcohol induced dehydration

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Use one of our handy calculators to help you better understand what you’re consuming and what it means for your health.

Shining a spotlight on liver health  🔦

Brighter mornings, a healthier liver, and the freedom to enjoy alcohol on your own terms? We'll drink to that.

The percentage of people in the US who have fatty liver disease.
The number of distinct functions the liver has — affecting virtually every part of your overall health.
Your chance of already having fatty liver disease if you have 3 drinks a day.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

How much alcohol is in your system?

Net Hydration

Certain drinks will leave you more dehydrated than others.

Calories in Alcohol

A single drink can range from 80-400 calories.

Standard Drinks

Not all drinks are measured equally.
Results are meant for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals. Cheers encourages responsible drinking & never condones binge drinking. Do not drink & drive, and do not use these results to indicate when to do so.
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