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What Makes Us Better
Breaking down why Cheers is the most effective product at the most affordable price.

Dalia Steichen

“What makes you different from the competition?”

When it comes to Cheers Restore (our after-alcohol aid), we get this question a lot–and rightly so! Consumers want to know that they’re getting the most bang for their buck from a company that values transparency.

While there’s a ton of competition out there, we’re confident in our ability to provide the most effective product at the most affordable price. Allow us to explain!

1. No “Proprietary Blends”

Our DHM-based competitors hide the most effective ingredients (DHM included) inside a “proprietary blend” which means that the individual ingredient amounts do not have to be listed. Because of this, the consumer doesn’t have transparency into the amount of ingredients that they are actually buying.

Our third-party tested formula is completely broken down in the supplement facts. It’s the most expensive to make and the most effective on the market, all while remaining the most affordable price per dose.

2. We have the highest amount of DHM per dose

The more important issue is related to the amount of DHM itself, the primary ingredient in Cheers and our main competitors. DHM tastes terrible and you need a lot of it to be effective. That’s why we went with large capsules—where taste isn’t an issue and we could pack in plenty of DHM.

3. Restore is $2.92 per dose–can’t beat that!

Because purified, third-party tested DHM is really expensive, you might think that we charge more. But, when you break it down by dose and take each product as directed on the bottle, we are actually the cheapest per dose. Our product requires you to take 3 capsules per dose, and we have 12 doses per bottle, so we charge $2.92 per dose (way less than a drink at the bar!)


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