Distilled Down
The post-drinking symptom no one talks about, but is more common than you think…

Dalia Steichen

Anxiety. We all know that feeling outside of drinking. The stressful, sweaty palm, racing mind sensation that we can’t seem to shake. While that feeling is all-too familiar, you might be surprised to hear that it’s a common symptom caused by alcohol consumption.

So, what’s “hangxiety”, and how is it caused?

Long story short, a major cause (if not the biggest cause) of why a person feels so poorly is because of something called GABAa rebound. Alcohol binds to your GABAa receptors, causing you to feel relaxed. But, because alcohol is a depressant, when alcohol leaves the system, the opposite effect is excitation, where your brain tries to correct the chemical imbalances that was caused by alcohol. So, you’ll start to feel anxious, irritable, shaky, and a more squirrel-like inability to focus on any one thing – a term we like to call “hangxiety”.

How does Cheers help with “hangxiety”?

DHM, one of the main ingredients in Cheers Restore, binds to the same brain receptor alcohol binds to (the GABAa). By binding to the GABAa receptor, DHM reduces GABAa rebound and ultimately reduces the next-day effect of "hangxiety."


Ready to stop feeling so "hangxious"?

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