Everything you need to know about Cheers®

What if I don't know when my last drink will be?

You can simply take Cheers® After-Alcohol Aid™ before going to bed! However, Cheers® is most effective when consumed closer to one’s last alcoholic beverage. So once you know you’re done drinking, make sure to take your Cheers®!

Are there any potential side-effects of taking Cheers®?

There are no known side-effects of Cheers®. During our recent fundraising round, for purposes of due diligence there was an expert toxicologist hired to review the safety of Cheers®. The expert’s results were extremely positive and no concerns were listed.

Can I take Cheers® in the morning instead?

We recommend taking Cheers® after your last alcoholic beverage for it to be most effective. But you can also take an additional dose in the morning if needed!

Do I need both After-Alcohol Aid™ and ORS™ for reducing the negative effects of alcohol?

You don’t need both products, but both is more effective as they are designed to work together. After-Alcohol Aid™ is focused on the negative effects of alcohol not stemming from dehydration, such as short-term alcohol withdrawal & acetaldehyde exposure, whereas ORS™ is only for alcohol-induced dehydration. If you were to only take one product, we’d recommend After-Alcohol Aid™.

What is the difference between After-Alcohol Aid™ and ORS™?

After-Alcohol Aid™ is focused on the negative effects of alcohol that don’t stem from alcohol-induced dehydration, such as short-term alcohol withdrawal & acetaldehyde exposure. ORS™ is a hydration product that optimizes the “Sodium-Glucose Co-Transport System” for rapid rehydration following alcohol consumption. But, it does nothing for alcohol’s other negative effects. That’s what After-Alcohol Aid™ is for, and hence, why we recommend taking both products for the best results!

I am having trouble ordering, what do I do?!

Sorry this happened to you. Can you please let us know where you tried to order Cheers® from? Was it from https://cheershealth.com?
Please give us an email at contact@cheershealth.com if you still have any issues… our support team will take care of you! (They’re known to be quite friendly 😉)

I have a hard time swallowing capsules, can I open the capsules and pour their contents in water?

You can, but we don’t recommend it! The ingredients inside our capsules taste bad, which is why we have it encapsulated! For those who dislike capsules, in the future we hope to have a product that people can drink.

Why do I have to take so many pills?

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of our main ingredient, DHM, to be effective. For our product to meet the high standards of our customers, we ask them to take 2-4 capsules. If we could, we would have our customers take 5+ capsules, but that is a lot to ask!

What is the recommend dosage for your products?

For Cheers® After-Alcohol Aid™, we recommend taking 2-4 capsules. How much alcohol a person consumes can determine how many capsules to take. If you are having just one glass of wine then you might be ok with just taking 2 capsules. But if you are consuming more alcoholic beverages, it might be better to take 4 capsules. It depends on the individual as well, you know better than anyone how your body reacts after consuming alcohol.

Can I take this when I only am having 1-2 drinks?

Absolutely! We recommend taking Cheers® any time someone consumes alcohol, no matter how much. Even if a person only consumes one drink, they will still experience the negative effects of alcohol (even if unnoticed) and our products are designed to mitigate those negative effects!

Do you offer free samples? I don’t want to pay and find out I don’t like it.

We don’t offer free samples anymore (too many freeloaders on the internet 😜). But we do offer a no-questions-asked refund policy on your first bottle of Cheers® After-Alcohol Aid™!

Is this FDA approved?

All of our products are manufactured in an FDA-regulated facility and made in the USA. We vet dozens of manufacturers, run QC checks at third party labs, etc. to ensure our product is the best quality. As due diligence requested by a major institutional investor we had in our last fundraising round, we even spent a ton of money in getting expert research of Cheers®’s safety. We take great pride in making the safest and most effective products possible.

What is your cancellation policy for subscriptions?

You can cancel at anytime. Basically, when you order a subscription, in your email you will receive a unique link where you can manage your subscription. I.e., if you want to cancel, change interval of delivery, the number of units sent to you, etc. you can simply login to our subscription page and change things to your liking. Also, if you want to cancel, you can always just email us!

Is After-Alcohol Aid™ gluten-free?

Yup! It is!

How can I check tracking on my package?

When your order ships, an email is sent with a tracking number, simply copy that number sequence and put it into USPS tracking. It should tell you where your package is and when it’s expected to be delivered. If you have a hard time finding this, just let us know and we can help!

I put in the wrong information in my order! How can I fix it!?

Simply send us the correct information and we will change it before it ships out! If it has already shipped out, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. Sorry!

How often can you take Cheers®?

We recommend taking Cheers® anytime you consume alcohol. There are no known side-effects of Cheers®. We have had an expert toxicologist review the safety of Cheers® for one of our fundraising rounds' due diligence requests and the results came back with overly positive results and no concerns!

Is Cheers® After-Alcohol Aid™ vegetarian?

Yes! We recently switched our capsules to veggie capsules in order for our products to be as inclusive as possible.

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