Reduce alcohol's negative effects—even those you feel the next day. 1


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Cheers® After-Alcohol Aid™ is a patented solution (Granted Patent: US 9,603,830 B2) designed to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. It works by reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal, replacing lost vitamins, and providing your liver with what it needs to break down alcohol and its toxic by-products. Just take 2-4 capsules after your last alcoholic beverage or before going to bed. 1

Our After-Alcohol Aid™ is completely based on clinical research done in publications such as The Journal of Neuroscience. Pair with our ORS™ for an unparalleled recovery combination!


Backed by science, works like magic.


Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

Reduces short-term alcohol withdrawal, increases alcohol and acetaldehyde metabolism, & promotes liver health. 1


Milk Thistle

One of the oldest known liver supplements. Milk Thistle is often used clinically to aid health of the liver. 1


Prickly Pear

Rich in antioxidants, Prickly Pear has been shown to have an effect on reducing next-day symptoms through inhibiting inflammation. 1


N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

Glutathione helps to break down acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism. NAC significantly boosts glutathione levels. 1


Vitamins B, C, & E

Alcohol consumption can deplete vitamin level via decreased uptake. We help replenish them. 1



Alcohol is a diuretic and thus is dehydrating. Electrolytes can help to maintain hydration after alcohol consumption. 1

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Benefits you can feel

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Restful Sleep

By binding to the GABAa receptor, DHM can reduce short-term alcohol withdrawal, the main reason alcohol negatively affects sleep cycles. 1

Reduce Brain Fog

"Brain fog" is the result of short-term alcohol withdrawal affecting your GABAa receptor's homeostasis. DHM helps to counteract this effect. 1

Liver Health

Alcohol depletes glutathione, which is often called "the master antioxidant" and is critical to liver health. DHM and NAC help to restore glutathione levels. 1


Alcohol metabolism creates lots of oxidation, thus depleting antioxidant stores. Our ingredients are rich in antioxidants. 1

Less Inflamation

Prickly Pear has been shown to reduce inflammation caused by alcohol consumption. 1

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